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You Are Never Too Old...

This quote by C.S. Lewis has been a life motto for me! I am continually inspired and encouraged by you all, my friends, family and health community to never quit setting new goals or dreaming new dreams!

Your creative mind is the gateway to your dreams come true. To enlist this amazing force, which will manifest what you desire, you can follow some spiritual principals from Deepak Chopra.

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality says if you have the desire, you have the ability to manifest the desire. It starts with connection to self and God. Do this thru silence, meditation and time in nature.

  2. The Law of Giving. It is the principal of giving what you desire. If you want more wealth, give wealth. If you desire peace, give peace to those around you.

  3. The Law of Intention and Desire. It is the intention what we release in prayer and stay focused on that draws our desires to us.

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