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Love Your Hair

Sister, it is possible to not only like your hair but to LOVE your hair!

Most peoples' hair is mistreated. After years of abuse, aka over-washing, using products with harsh ingredients, etc, it starts to look dull and perform for you like it once did!

I'm so excited to break down a few staple things I do to love on my hair... and guess what, in turn, I end up LOVING my hair!

  1. Don't wash your hair daily. It's okay to rinse it and condition, but leave the shampoo alone for awhile. I even will blow dry my sweat on low heat. Ewww.

  2. Stay away from parabens and sulfates in your hair products. Read those labels for what goes ON your body just like you do for what goes IN.

  3. Feed your hair by feeding yourself well. My FAVORITE supplement is vegan but helps my skin, nails and hair GROW & GLOW. Click here go get some for yourself.

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