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Bikini Bod Starts Now!

One of the things I love most about January is preparing my mind for the seasons ahead! Speaking of seasons, swimsuit or bikini season isn't far off into the late spring! Preparing your mind and body now for what's to come in a few months helps you to make healthy lifestyle choices for the long haul and not rush into a crash starvation diet when you start seeing swimsuits out on the rack at your favorite store!

So, start early and make your health a long term mindset. Your body will thank you for your daily intention.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to get ready for bikini season, starting now!

  1. Eat - Eat foods that serve your health. Protein rich and plant foods. Lean animal protein or vegan proteins. Eat foods that look more like their original state. For example, broccoli can look like broccoli or it can get processed and mixed with dairy, sodium and preservatives and added to a processed soup. Steer away from processed foods heavy in gluten. Things like bread, crackers, cookies, sugar.

  2. Move - If weight loss is a goal, pick a low cardio movement like walking, hiking or swimming. A low heart rate activity will help you burn fat for energy. My favorite is building muscle mass thru strength training. With more muscle mass, you burn more calories all day long.

  3. Accept - Love the skin you are in! There is no perfection. Body Image issues are rampant in our culture. As we age things change. The best body I have ever had is the one I have today and tomorrow. It's in my mind. I have learned to have a loving acceptance for this body of mine. It gets me places. Grew three children. Allows me to do so many things. Comparison is the thief of joy. Keep your JOY and love yourself as you are.

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