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5 Hacks for Clear Skin

Have you always dreamed of having bright, skin? Some people are born with it and others have to work a little harder to achieve it. I have a daily skin care regimen that keeps my skin clean, clear and mostly blemish-free! Don't let breakouts and blemishes steal your joy this year!

Here are my top 6 Skin Care Hacks to Try Right Now!

  1. Stay Hydrated. Your skin is your largest detoxing organ. We need to keep hydrated. This also helps your second largest detoxing organ, your bowels, get get rid of impurities and toxins. Sweating also helps flush them out. Especially in the winter when we don't feel the need to drink water, the atmosphere is dry and water is needed.

  2. Use a good moisturizer consistently. Your still will have an adjustment period when you swap products. Once you get on it, stay on it for 2-4 weeks. You still will regulate oil production and get into a nice balance. This is the product line I use.

  3. No mask more than once a week. Can't wait to hear that in real life. Sometimes we think more is better when it comes to fighting acne or wrinkles. This can actually damage our skin. Your face is precious and delicate, let's treat it accordingly.

  4. Healthy Eating - You know I have to mention this. You physically are what you eat. My esthetician says it takes a couple of weeks to see what you ate show up on your face. So that chocolate bar last night is not this mornings blemish. Connect with her by clicking this.

  5. Keep the sun away. To keep that younger look, keep the sun off your face. Wearing a hat. Wearing sun screen.

  6. Supplement. I am in love with how my hair, nails and face look by adding this vegan collagen boosting supplement to my water. Full disclosure, I am an affiliate for this company.

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