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White Women, Listen Up!

White Women, listen up, we must start the conversation. We are the ones that need to shift, change and acknowledge the world as it is regardless of how nice we are and how many black friends we have. In this episode I share some of my upbringing, prejudice and discrimination I have contributed to the world. I will leave you with recommendations for growth, learning and self reflection.

I am a white midlife woman who was born and raised in Austin, Texas by parents from Texas small hill country towns. My heritage pulls from Wales and Germany. I am about as white as they come. Every relative I know is and was white.

My mom’s family were cattle ranchers. They made their income from raising cattle and mohair from goats. They owned thousands of acres of dry Texas land. They hired, what my cousin, 20 years my senior, called “forgien exchange students” that his dad called them wetbacks or “wets” for short. These workers were illegial, non-documented men from Mexico who crossed the Rio Grande river bordering the United States and Mexico into Texas. Ernesto would build fences, work cattle, repair gates. Do all the manual labor….or as I learned “Manuel” labor

I remember the first time I noticed people had different colored skin than myself. I don’t think this is a white thing, is it? The TV was on and people were watching an NFL football game. I honestly thought that their skin was darker because they were outside so much.

So how can a person named after the first black Supreme Court Justice and raised by a person of color from Jackson, Mississippi be prejudice, discriminate, ignore white privilege? Listen to Episode 7.

I hope you enjoy!

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