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Trail Run To Your Goals

I was trail running the other day. It was very meditative. No music, just me and the trail. Running, walking to catch my breath.

This is a single track type of trail. Meaning only one person fits the width at a time. It’s not groomed or maintained with decomposed granite. It’s a trail, like a cow or deer would make on their own.

I had the thought that this trail was like my vision for goals for the year.

The goal was known - I needed to get back to my car. The trail is a loop. I had a starting point and the ending point is my completed goal. To finish.

Just like anything we want to accomplish in life, the end must be in mind. The goal. The next rank. The promotion. The book I want to write. The health to reclaim or maintain. It is the end, the finish line.

The thing about trail running is that you can’t see the end. You can’t see go goal, heck sometimes you can’t see more than 3-5 feet ahead of you because of the brush and trees. Tall grass, turns. You have to keep your eyes JUST ahead of you and move that way. Small incremental steps ahead while holding the larger destination or goal in your minds eye.

What are the small steps that you can focus on TODAY this hour that will get you closer to your dreams? What is the best use of your time? How can you keep moving forward.

Several points along the way I tripped. This time I didn’t fall, but I have fallen on this trail before. Bloodied my hands. This time I stumbled and raced my feet in front of me to catch myself and regain balance.

That is how it is in life. Sometimes it is a trip. Other times it draws blood. No matter how many times we stumble or get knock down, off course, you have the decision to get back up and keep moving forward towards your dreams, goals & greatness.

Anytime I looked to far down the trail, ahead of me, I had to immediately put my focus back to my feet - just 2-3 feet ahead. Nose down. Left, right, left, right. Remembering where I am going, but doing the work and having the focus in the present moment.

Not scrolling

Not numbing

Not living in fear

Not avoiding

Moving forward on the trail, in the game, going for the goal. Holding the vision in my mind. Left, right, Left, right. Glance further ahead, eyes back down. Breathe in, 2, 3, 4, Exhale, 2, 3, 4.

I lose my breath on the climbs. It slows me down. I am mostly okay with it. The competitiveness that God wove into my character wants to keep the same pace. Yet my years of experience and wisdom of my age know it’s okay to slow down. I may not reach the destination as fast as I want, but I know I am still going towards it.

I walk up the hills focusing on the inhale, the exhale, restoring my heart rate with my breath. Deeply. A full moving meditation. Eyes up looking ahead until I return to my normal breathing and look back ahead only 2-3 feet and start running again.

We do this at the beginning of a new year, a new month a new week even the beginning of each new day. It’s a reset, a refocus. Don’t miss it.

I feel the exhilaration of knowing that I am connected to something bigger than myself. I am connected to God on the earth that he created. The breath in my lungs my dreams and goals. They all take time. Consistency. Focus. Varied Pace. Left right left right. Breath in 2, 3, 4. Exhale, 2, 3, 4. Knock down. Get back up.

Not all dreams, I would be bold enough to say not ANY dreams or goals are easy pursuits. They take determination, focus, resetting, different pacing.

I round the last corner and come out of the trees into a field space of tall grass as high as my knees. It opens up and I see the end of the trail. My goal. The end.

It’s a journey. This goal loops together to the next one and is woven into the larger goal of living a healthy life. Physically, Mentally, Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset. Being able bodied so I can move and enjoy as much time as I have in this body.

I hope this encourages you to lace up and go after the dream and desires that are in your heart, that you feel called to fulfill. From that deep place in your soul. It is your gift from God to have the talents and abilities to go for it and it is your gift back to God to give it a go. Don’t miss it.

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