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Reinvent Yourself

Are you looking for a change? Take a new direction in your career? Thinking of going back to school? Need to do fitness differently? Tap into a hobby or creative past? This episode is for you! Tune in as I interview a multi-passionate midlife wife as she shares her journey.

Today I have a guest on the show. Keely Rodriguz. She is a Midlife Wife who has and is continuing to revive her mind, body and dreams. Professionally Keely is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Brownsville, TX. The name of her practice is Mandala Counseling Group. Specializing in women, couples, & trauma recovery counseling. You can find her online a

Keely is a wife and mama of 2 teens. A yogi and yoga instructor, a former triathlete, fitness instructor. She is a thespian, performing in a local theater. We have known each other since junior high school and she is one amazing lady who keeps growing, reinventing, doing the work. Rinse and Repeat.

I hope you enjoy!

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Work with Keely Rodriguez at:

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