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Disordered Eating

Coaching health and nutrition for years, I realized I have some blind spots when it comes to eating disorders. The last thing I want to do is cause more harm. Thankfully I have a friend who is an open book about her eating disorder and helping me learn.

Hannah graciously shares part of her story of having an eating disorder. When it began and how she got help. How art therapy was intuitive for her healing and part of her official treatment plan. She shares the philosophy of All Foods Fit, Good Foods vs Bad Food and HAES: Health at Every Size.

She is now a stay at home and do ALL the things mom of a son with a daughter on the way. We met at Camp Gladiator - out door group fitness, and I knew she was good people.

After you listen, you will want a copy of this book:

The Wall: A Parable by Gloria Jay Evans . *This is an affiliate link.



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