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Katie Hallberg

Encourager | Spiritual | Texan

I believe we can pivot at any moment by changing our thinking. What we put into our minds comes out in our lives.  I am a student and implementer of self-awareness, personal growth & improvement. I get my emotional ass kicked all the time. I have the gifts of encouragement, positivity and connection. I am married to my first husband, Tom. We have three amazing children, Tyler, Sarah and Haley.


Professionally, I am a Realtor with over 25 year experience. Real estate broker and owner of Team Realty of Texas in Austin. My husband and I own and manage real estate investment properties. I love helping other realize the real estate dreams. Buying | Selling | Investing.


I motivate myself by motivating others to eat healthy and live well. 

European Restaurant



“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

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Looking for a nutrition reset? 


Real Estate

I have been helping clients buy and sell real estate in the greater Austin area since 1995. I opened my brokerage in 2013.

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