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Bike Like a Boss


Isn't that a beautiful mantra to live by?

I didn't start mountain biking until I was in my mid FOURTIES. I am no expert, but I have lots of fun and you can do. Don't let your fear hold you back.

  1. GET A BIKE - I know this is obvious, but you need a bike and one made for trails is better. I have shocks and a suspension system, wide tires. I have a road bike and have had a few. We always buy used bikes from Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist. You may even have a friend or neighbor that has once collecting cobwebs. Ask around

  2. GET THE GEAR - Always wear a helmet. I repeat, always wear a helmet. When the kids were young, my husband raced bikes and these events had kids events called Kids Cup and an education component. They always did a demo with a raw egg inside of a styrofoam mannequin head with and without a helmet. You don't want to crack your egg. Get the padded shorts ladies. Comfort will keep you coming back. Plus you can get a cute outfit too. Who doesn't want that. #shopping. I also use and recommend these supplements for all exercise.

  3. FIND SOME TRAILS.- I use the free website and app STRAVA. We can follow each other there. Look me up, Katie Hallberg You can see where other people are riding on their heat maps. You don't believe how many trails are all around you. Plus other riders can give you kudos. This app is used for all types of other fitness to like running.

  4. TAKE IT OUTSIDE - Time to just go for it. You totally got this sis! Get lost in God's creation between the trees, thru the creek, it's simply amazing.

If Healthy Living for Life is your jam, come join my group for support, inspiration and encouragement. I share tips like these, plus answer what to eat, how to make a smoothie, what books I am reading and more.

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